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Welcome to MednCure!
Our state of the art growing facilities provide only top quality medicinal marijuana!
Through several years of experience, our growers have dialed the process down to a science!
We believe every patient should have access to top quality medicinal cannabis.
Our state of the art growing facilities allow us to fulfill on that belief!
The end result is beautiful buds and happy patients!
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MednCure Clone RoomWelcome To MednCure!

Thank you for visiting us. Our mission is to supply medicinal marijuana to dispensaries in the state of Oregon who need high quality, tested and rated meds.  Our growers have many years of experience growing and are educated in horticulture-related fields.

Although we firmly believe that legalizing recreational use of marijuana is the sensible and inevitable, we are focused on the medicinal aspects associated with the flower.  Using medicinal marijuana, our patients experience relief from several ailments ranging from the most serious like cancer, A.I.D.S., Fibromyalgia and acute spinal pain to more minor issues such as severely upset stomach and chronic back pain.  We cultivate different strains exactly for that reason.

We hope that in perusing this website, you start getting to know us and our philosophy.  Please feel free to contact us directly at any time with questions about how we can help you be ready to serve your patients consistently and with great quality.